In this competitive era, the life of a student breeds on the scores he’s been getting. To build a career, your first step should be to choose the field you want to get into. And to specialize in that field or to pursue a degree in that, you need to clear a specific entrance exam. If you wish to pursue a career in medicine and become a doctor or something in relation with this, you have to mainly prepare for two entrance tests namely

  1. NEET
  2. AIIMS.

There are other entrances too; however, they revolve around the same pattern as these. For those who are new and unaware of the pattern, this is the article for you. We’ll be dealing with all that these entrances comprise of.

  1. What is the difference between NEET and AIIMS

We’ve always seen students confuse with these two exams. However, where they give entry to the same field, they are different in their formats, the form of conduct and the institution they give admissions to.

AIIMS stands for All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and NEET stands or National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. AIIMS is for admission in 1 of any 6 branches of AIIMS, Delhi (a prestigious institute in Delhi) while NEET is required for admission into any of the government/private college other than AIIMS and JIPMER.

The mode of conduct differs too. AIIMS is an online-based exam where NEET is offline. The pattern of the paper marks a strike difference, AIIMS has 200 questions to be completed in 3.5 hours, and NEET has 180 questions to be completed in 3 hours.

2. Who conducts the Exam?

The National Testing Agency conducts NEET and AIIMS is conducted by All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi established under an act and given national importance.

3.How many seats and how many colleges?


As per the official data provided by the Medical Council of India, as many as 272 MBBS colleges offer a total of 41,388 seats.

However, while using NEET scores, 76,928 seats will be offered in 532 government as well as private colleges in India.

AIIMS With the increase in the count of medical aspirants in the nation, AIIMS has increased its intake. Through AIIMS MBBS, a total of 1,207 MBBS seats are offered in 9 AIIMS institutes. Two new AIIMS

institutes have come into existence which makes the count to 11. However, there are a meagre of 100 seats for nationals in AIIMS, New Delhi.

Thus, making it a hard nut to crack.