Class 11th and 12th

Gone are the days when 11th and 12th were restricted to scoring well in boards. Nowadays, 11th and 12th are considered crucial for cracking any entrance exam. Often referred to as the foundation years, they are considered as forming the base for competitive entrances such as NEET and AIIMS.

  1. How important is 11th and 12th for cracking entrances?

On being asked, it was noted that for most of the students currently studying in classes 11th and 12th, their main motive was to crack the entrances, they were sitting in. However, a pertinent question here is, “How are 11th and 12th importance if the main objective is to clear the entrance exam?”

After extensive research, it was noted that the curriculum in 11th and 12th is designed in a way that it forms sync with the syllabus of entrance and formats.

For instance, The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is divided into three sections, primarily, Physics-Biology-Chemistry. Subjects which form the core of Science in classes 11th and 12th.

  1. Weightage of 11th and 12th in NEET and AIIMS

Even after being aware of the importance of 11th and 12th, students tend to take these classes for granted. Henceforth, in order to make them realize the true value of these classes. In this section of the article, we shall focus on the weightage of 11th and 12th in NEET and AIIMS.

We’ll go section-wise,


Physics forms for one of the most prevalent sections in the NEET and AIIMS exams. There are approximately 11 units in this section. These are covered in class 11th. And after analyzing last 10years’ papers and interviewing the toppers, it was seen that if you have a command on class 11th and 12th’s coursebook, you’re likely to ace this section in your entrance.


Chemistry is another basis that forms the entrance exam paper. There are in totality, some 30 topics. Each of which is covered in-depth in classes 11th and 12th. If you have a command on these aforesaid 30 topics, you’ll be good to go. Thus, even in this section, class 11th and 12th-course aides the students prodigiously.


Aryan Raj Singh, AIR-11 NEET,2018 and AIR-9 in AIIMS,2018 says “ The key to ace the Biology section in NEET is to mug up the NCERT of class 12h”. Hence we see the role and weightage of class 11th and 12th in cracking entrance exams like NEET and AIIMS.

However, is it important only for aiims and neet? Not! It is equally important for other entrances like CLAT, AILET etc. Stay tuned for more updates.